IT consulting

Any project, whatever its scale, involves preliminary review, IT architecture planning and performance analysis.


Preliminary project review

We are ready to assist you with analysis of technical parameters of various data centers and to aid you with server configurations with the aim of achieving particular capacity. We can help you answer questions like "How many users will be able to access the server?", "When should we start thinking about scaling?", "How much RAM do we need right now?".


IT architecture planning

Our first goal is picking out hardware that fits your actual requirements. While the project is growing and its popularity is increasing, at some moment scalability becomes an issue of the day. Often it starts from growing average load and ends with server unavailability. We have wide experience in planning projects of various scale so we can provide deep architecture analysis and warn you of possible bottlenecks.


Performance analysis

IT environment is changing every day. Your project is changing too. We analyze a lot of performance metrics to be one step ahead of others.

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